The Concept of the National Association of Journeymen Linemen…

…was born to give respect to the generations when linemen wore fedoras, used old corn binder line trucks, and climbed poles using hooks and blocks.

Technology grew through the years with companies such as AB Chance and men like Andy Anderson and Cliff Bosch pioneering advancements with innovative materials which altered the direction of line work forever.

NAJL is an organization exclusively for Journeymen Linemen, much like the fraternal order organizations of fireman or policeman, we are dedicated to the line heroes.

Our Mission

The National Association of Journeymen Linemen was created to promote the profession of Journeymen Linemen. For decades the profession of a Journeyman Lineman has been one of brotherhood, sacrifice and dedication.

The NAJL’s goal is:

  • To provide an organization dedicated to the tradition of Journeymen Linemen
  • To highlight this profession thereby encouraging our youth to consider it as a career
  • To honor the individuals who have helped to advance the safety and education of this courageous profession.
  • To assist the families of fallen Linemen.
  • To promote continuing education for our present day Journeymen Linemen

The NAJL will strive to bring awareness of our profession to aid the public in better understanding the dangers and sacrifice of the Journeyman Lineman.

“Our goal is to bring awareness and education to the general public regarding the dangerous aspects of live electricity and highlight those men and women who tame “the beast” on a daily basis.

The National Association of Journeymen Linemen recognizes the value of a Lineman’s family at a personal level and likewise recognizes the value of the extended family through their profession. We are committed to bringing the professional family together to promote one of the oldest and most difficult careers known to man.”

– Bill Bosch, Chairman/Founder NAJL

Corporate Members

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